Career Design Talks

How To Start Your Own Consulting Firm Before You Graduate College

Kieran Mathew is the 21-year-old founder of Amplify Solutions, a full-service youth marketing firm based in Ontario, Canada. He is a leading youth marketer, entrepreneur, and startup advisor who shares his insights with publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post.

How To Network To Find Your Way

Hannah is currently the Talent Acquisition & Organizational Development Manager at OpsGenie, a cloud-based incident response platform founded in 2012. But before she found herself growing her career in Human Resources at a fast-growing tech start-up we traced her path back to when she was a freshman in college trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

Career Design Talks: Question Your Assumptions To Design A Fulfilling Career

But his road to becoming a sought after speaker, consultant, and trainer was anything but a straight line. In this conversation, we talk about where he started his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal, what career advice he would give to his younger self, and how he likes to challenge his leadership students to find their own style of leadership.