Use This "Ghostwriting" Technique To Help Your Network Help You Get A Job

Ghostwriting is when someone is hired to write a book, song, or speech for someone else and that someone else gets all the credit for it. Everyone from your favorite author to your favorite rapper uses a ghostwriter to get the job done. (I still can't believe Nas wrote "Gettin Jiggy Wit It" for Will Smith).

In the job search context, when you are asking your network for help with connecting to people they know, you can offer to ghostwrite an email intro for them. This in an effective strategy because:

  • You have identified a specific person to be introduced to rather than throwing out a vague request to your network to connect you with anyone they know.
  • You save your contact the trouble of wondering what they should say about you by writing out exactly what you want them to say.
  • You get to highlight your strengths and describe why you want to talk to this person.

For example, one of my job search clients was searching for people to network with on Linkedin and discovered that one of his friends knew someone at a company he wanted to work for. So he reached out to his buddy and asked him if he would make an introduction. Here is the text exchange below where his contact asked him to write out the email intro for him.

Write me out an intro, and I can introduce you guys via email

When drafting your email introduction make sure to include the following:

  • Highlight your experience and why it makes sense to connect with this person specifically.
  • Make it clear you are only seeking advice about your job search and are not just interested in a job.

Hi ________,

I wanted to connect you with my friend ________. He is a consultant with over 5 years of experience doing research in the field of behavioral science. He most recently completed a project at ________. He is now looking to continue this work in-house with a great team. Because of your position at _______ I wanted to introduce the two of you. He is looking for some expert career advice and I thought he would benefit from connecting with you even if you guys aren't hiring at the moment.

Let me know if it is ok to make an email intro.


This sample is just one of many ways you can use this strategy. Another option would be, based on how well your contact knows the other person, to add you to the email intro and connect you both directly. Either way, by using this strategy you will have taken a proactive step in your job search and will have made it easier for your network to help you get that job.

Good luck!

About The Author

Mo Chanmugham, Esq., CPCC is a former attorney turned career coach and the founder of MGC Coaching. He helps ambitious professionals who are feeling stuck gain the clarity and confidence they need to create more fulfilling careers.

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