Don’t make career decisions from a place of fear

fear image.jpeg

Don’t make career decisions from a place of fear, insecurity, or desperation.

What may seem like a practical, productive, or necessary choice will more than likely send you down a path that you really don’t want to go down. And lead you further away from where you truly want to be.

And deep down you know this.

Before you make a decision ask yourself if you are being motivated by fear, ego, or other people’s opinions.

If you are then recognize that you should not be letting those elements influence your decisions.

Do YOU really want to do this or are outside pressures making you think you SHOULD do this?

Instead, ask yourself what decision would you make if you were happy and content and didn’t care about the opinions of others.

Decisions made from a place of confidence and strength look very different from decisions made from a place of fear. They are aligned with your true desires.

You get to choose which version of YOU makes the decision.

Choose wisely.

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